Seriously a mother’s dream product. Self starting painting activity. Sleep in on Saturday. Hand them this very adorable $10 package of ezpaint and you will no longer need to spend so much money on babysitters. PROMISE. I will predict you will save money on therapy as well, for you and your kid. lol. Stressed, have anxiety… try ezpaint. So many redeeming qualities. Helps kids with hand eye coordination, color recognition, fine motor skills and builds confidence. How you ask? Well , because EZpaint , no matter if you are 3 or 103 meets you where you’re at. We GUARANTEE success . All EZpaint sets include original designed EZcards to get you started. EZpaint is non-toxic and washes off of skin clothing and furniture with a damp cloth. No need to buy anything else . Brushes are built into each bottle so you don’t even need water. Oh and by the way…if you are not already sold. EZpaint bottles don’t spill! Take them with you to a restaurant, play date, grandmas house … anywhere. You can thank me later:)

Have any questions? Write to me at myezpaint@gmail.com or  sharonezpaint@gmail.com
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Love and EZpaint,
Beth + Sharon